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Yey! Job well done to all our staff for succeeding in the Travel Madness expo we attended last July 3-5, 2015. It was the second time we attended it and yes we made it looked prestige this year as we became more creative and productive. Exploring and getting out of our comfort zone help us to do it, imagine we just brought a one (1) unit of a brand new jet ski all the way from Subic just to showcase it and at least make other people experience how its like to ride a jet ski. Also we brought a one (1) set fly board with a life size stand that really catch the attention of many people. Also most of the participants are airline companies. Subic tourism department was very happy on the outcome of the event as we help them out to make our area out stand compare to others. We also get some bookings and prospective clients that will definitely visit our place one of these days. Networx Jetsports was continuing to reach different people who are not yet aware of what we have and what we are. To all the travelers who participated, thank you so much and see you next year!